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ASA Conference 2007

ASA National Conference 2007

Below, please find some brief summaries based on the contributions of some of Australia’s leading Sangha members, and one special lay guest, Dr Eng-kong Tan.

Right Speech

Ven. Tenzin Chonyi

Recognize that wrong speech springs from the mind. Our task as monastics is not to have the pride that we are perfect, but to understand ourselves, both light and dark.

Ashin Pandita

Non-communicating can lead to misunderstanding and pride. We therefore have a duty to use the positive power of speech to create harmony.

Dr. Eng-kong Tan

Compassionate listening to both words and silence enables us to learn from the speaker and gives us space to reflect on how to speak best.

Right Livelihood

Ayya Sucinta

It is difficult but still possible to follow the traditional practice of accepting only what is offered. The Vinaya has always been the appropriate guide as to what is acceptable, and this remains true even in the modern world.

Rev. Miao You

Right Livelihood is serving the community – lay and ordained – with good motivation to benefit others. We must be generous with our time, energy, kindness, and especially Dhamma!

Ven. Thich Quang Ba

We have a responsibility to take care of Dhamma institutions, not just for those living now, but also for future generations. Relying solely on spontaneous donations doesn’t always work, as there are many temples but limited donors. Fund-raising activities are valid if done properly.