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Vinaya Seminar 2010

Held at Santi Forest Monastery on 8-12 February 2010

The seminar is intended to:

  • promote understanding of Vinaya among monastics living in Australia.
  • learn how to practice Vinaya in Australian context.
  • improve understanding and appreciation of different Vinaya traditions.

Topics for presentation and discussion include:

  • Vinaya from the perspectives of Pali, East Asian, and Tibetan traditions.
  • Bodhisattva vows from Mahayana and Tibetan traditions.
  • Living as a monastic in a non-Buddhist culture.


Start: Monday 8 February after lunch.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-11 Feb

5.00-6.00: Meditation

6.30: Breakfast

8.00-9.30: Teaching – Each day will start with a presentation from the perspective of one of the major traditions. Each teacher will be invited to speak on a particular aspect of monastic discipline that is strong within their own tradition.

9.30-10.00: Tea Break

10.00-11.00: Q&A relating to the morning’s teaching.

11.00-2.00: Lunch Break

2.00-4.00: Small group discussions

4.00-4.30: Tea break

4.30-6.00: Whole group discussions.

6.00-7.00: Tea break

7.00: Free time for meditation or continued discussion/research

Finish: Friday 12 February lunch time.